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Pediatric dentistry is one of the most important branches of dentistry that cares for children’s milk teeth by protecting them from exposure to crookedness, distortion, decay, or affecting the eruption of permanent teeth.

Dentists provide children with help in making their teeth strong and healthy, and also explain and explain the importance of developing healthy eating habits in order to protect the child from diseases and to preserve his milk teeth until they are lost naturally.

There are several reasons why someone may need jaw surgery. Some common reasons include:

– Jaw mismatch : This refers to a misalignment of the teeth and jaws that can cause difficulty chewing or speaking.

– Sleep apnea: Jaw surgery can help open up the airway and reduce symptoms of sleep apnea.

– Gingivitis and teeth : If someone has suffered a facial injury that has caused damage to their jaw or facial bones, jaw surgery may be necessary to repair the damage.

– Congenital defects: Some people are born with abnormalities in their jaw such as double jaw or facial bones that require surgical correction.

The type of jaw surgery required is determined based on the cause and severity of the condition, and treatment may include the use of an orthosis, minor surgery, or major surgery.



Many people think that milk teeth are just a transitional stage until they are replaced by permanent teeth, but in fact there is a great importance to milk teeth in children, including:

● Its importance in chewing food for the child.
● Proper pronunciation of the child.
● The greatest importance is to maintain the distance between the teeth in order for the permanent teeth to appear and prevent crowding and not causing any problems such as crowding.

The nature of the growth of children’s milk teeth affects the growth of permanent teeth. Loss of milk teeth due to decay or at an incorrect time may lead to the growth of permanent teeth in an incorrect place and manner. By brushing the teeth according to the doctor’s instructions, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet.

And children must visit the dentist to check the teeth in general periodically and early with the beginning of the eruption of milk teeth to prevent the occurrence of any oral health problems in the early stages as well, which makes the dentist familiar to the child.
And we have in the Kidon Center a group of doctors who are experts and qualified to take care of your children’s teeth and give them the best and latest treatment methods.

For preventive fillings for cracks in the surfaces of the teeth:

They are highly liquid cosmetic fillings used to close the cracks on the surfaces of the teeth to form a protective layer that prevents the formation and penetration of food and bacteria between the cracks of the teeth, as they are placed on the surfaces of the teeth to prevent the formation of caries and to maintain dental health in the first period of eruption of permanent teeth, starting from the age of 6- 7 years to the completion of the permanent teeth in the mouth, and they must be examined by the dentist every 3 months to ensure that they are healthy.

Distance keepers:

Space keepers are a fixed metal or ceramic tool that is placed on the tooth adjacent to the extracted milk tooth to maintain the distance between the teeth until the permanent tooth erupts. In the distance for the teeth to be arranged and have a correct natural appearance.

Finger sucking habit:

It is a habit for many children, and this habit may cause many problems with the formation of permanent teeth, the growth of parts of the mouth and the alignment of the teeth with each other, and it may also cause problems with the formation of the palate (the roof of the mouth). Children usually stop this habit from two years to the beginning Eruption of permanent teeth.
If you suffer from that your son or daughter has this habit
Take the initiative to visit the dentist to avoid these problems so that the child is informed of the accompanying problems and tries to solve this habit in a medical way by prescribing special medications or using a medical mobile device.

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