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Multiple teeth replacement

Do you have multiple teeth missing and wondering how to get back your precious smile? At Infinitysmiles we provide our customers with all the good treatment options for the replacement of multiple teeth.  Our expert dentists offer a variety of treatment options for multiple teeth replacement such as

  • Removable partial denture
  • Individual implant-supported crowns
  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Implants

The dentists at Infinitysmiles will assess your oral health and prepare a customized treatment plan to improve the appearance and health of your teeth. Missing teeth will be replaced according to your specific requirements. There are several factors that lead to missing teeth such as jaw strength, your bite, number of missing teeth, quality of bone, and presence of any systemic diseases.

The other criteria are to have healthy gums and enough bone density to hold the implant. One of the most imperative points is the commitment of the patient to maintain good oral hygiene Heavy smokers, people suffering from uncontrolled systemic disorders

What are the treatment options for replacing multiple teeth?
Removable partial dentures for replacement of multiple teeth?

If you are looking for options to replace multiple teeth then removable partial dentures are one of the good options, we are offering at Infinitysmiles. A removable partial denture consists of a clasp that covers the `abutment` teeth which work to keep the denture secure.

The Clasps are made up of several materials and one of the materials is named as resin material that is less visible than other materials, and a metal framework that is present throughout the entire partial denture. When you are looking for multiple teeth replacement options the fit of the partial denture is imperative to evenly rest so that the biting forces are applied equally.

This will prevent trauma to the gums, natural teeth and improves the look and function as normally as possible.

Some of the Advantages of Removable Partial Dentures are as follow:

  • For people who have multiple teeth missing, this treatment option is less invasive
  • The removable partial dentures are lower in cost than other tooth replacement options.
  • If required, extra teeth at any stage of life. That can be added in removable partial dentures.
  • It is a better option as compared to a complete denture for the lower jaw if some natural teeth can be saved.

IMPLANT-SUPPORTED BRIDGE for replacement of multiple teeth

The dentists at Infinitysmiles are always there to guide our valued clients with all the information they require to choose the right option for their oral health. If you have several teeth missing adjacent to each other, then an implant-retained bridge is all you need.

This is a treatment of choice for you if your natural teeth are present on either side of the gap and are not stable enough to hold a traditional dental bridge. Multiple implants can be used to support and hold a bridge of multiple artificial teeth.

The bridge which is supported by the implants is made of a metal alloy framework with porcelain to give both strength and good looks.

IMPLANT-SUPPORTED DENTURE for replacement of multiple teeth

Have you or a loved one have lost all their teeth due to any reason? If yes, have you seen a dentist yet or not? If not, then the dentist at Infinitysmiles is here to help you!! If there are no teeth when wearing a denture can be the only option present to replace teeth. However, if you notice the continual bone loss, then dentures can become loose over time.

The loss of jawbone can lead to unstable and uncomfortable dentures that cause sore spots and embarrassing moments. The denture can drop down or move while speaking or chewing.

Conventional dentures were completely supported by gums, teeth, and facial muscles. Initially, the traditional dentures work well, but with time they become unpredictable and unstable. The Implants provide different functionality like teeth; the implant-supported dentures use jawbone to obtain support and stability.

If you are looking for multiple teeth replacement options, then implant-supported dentures are one of the good options for dentures that also improve the ability to chew and function naturally. This multiple tooth replacement option can improve the good aesthetics too.

  • How are the dentures connected to the dental implant?The denture is connected to the implants in a variety of ways. One of the methods is connecting via small locator copings or larger abutment copings where the denture attaches to the implants. The other way through which these dentures and implants attach is via Retention bars and telescoping attachments.At Infinitysmiles, the dentist will assess your jaw condition and decide the type of attachments and your treatment needs. In some cases, even two implants can treat a patient with missing upper or lower teeth.According to the expert dentist at Infinitysmiles, Implant-supported dentures are more useful than traditional dentures due to their retention and the ability to remove the dentures for better cleaning. If you have a history of dental caries and gum disease, this is a great solution to restore your smile and the ability to chew.Implants for Multiple Teeth ReplacementWhen multiple teeth replacement is needed, dental implants are one of the best options you can ever choose. The dental implant with individual crowns or an implant-supported fixed bridge replacing multiple teeth can provide a level of fit, ease, and functionality that cannot be received with other treatment options.Implant-supported bridges are known to replace missing teeth without support from nearby teeth. Dental implants can provide the most effective, natural, and long-term teeth replacement solution if you have lost your teeth due to an injury, decay, or any reason.

Which of the above-mentioned multiple teeth replacement options is the best choice?

Oral health is connected with our overall health, so if the expert dentists at Infinitysmiles are asked about the best multiple teeth replacement options, then dental implants will be the top option. To choose this option, the dentist will do a thorough assessment and take complete health history so that the dental implants stay lifelong with good overall health. Some of the advantages which make dental implants a superior option are as follow:

 No requirement of refitting and no bone loss

When a person chooses dentures, it can result in bone with time due to the absence of a tooth root and deprivation of stimulation to the jaw bone. This causes loss of jaw bone and can also result in other jaw-related problems. In addition, a denture requires frequent dental visits to re-fit the removable partial denture to a new jaw shape.

Implants are not removable.

Implants are just like natural teeth, so it requires proper cleaning, too, like brushing and interdental cleaning. On the other hand, the dentures are taken out and brushed in your hand. You have to be very careful while cleaning them because if the prosthesis falls, it can easily break. Implants are best because you dint have to take them out at night like dentures.

Dental implants are good for gums and stable as compared to any other option.

Did you know that a partial or a complete denture often require adhesives to attach to the gums? The adhesive is messy and sometimes doesn’t work well? The retentive nature of dental implants makes them one of the great choices.

If you are still not sure which option to choose, then get an appointment with our dental team right away at Infinitysmiles.

What happens during and after dental implant surgery?

  • Consult and planning stage

At the Infinitysmiles the expert dental surgeon will examine the site in the mouth where a dental implant is being considered as well as check the dental imaging to take the final, decision. The quality and quantity of jawbone are examined in the consultation appointment.

After the completion of the assessment, a dental implant can be placed in the anticipated location, the patient will return for surgical procedures for the dental implant(s). The patient is given a local anesthetic to numb the surgical area as well as any other sedatives necessary for comfort and anxiety.

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