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Immediate implants
Replacement Of Missing Teeth

Dental implants are replacing missing teeth for many years. These advanced dental implants give a practical and esthetically natural look to teeth. However, you might be avoiding dental implants due to an extensive treatment process or multiple dental visits.

Our dental team has a solution to all your problems, and we are presenting immediate implants and immediate loading with multiple benefits for patients and dentists. You will only have to come for few appointments, and you will get the best result ever.

Do you know what immediate implants are?

Immediate implants are an advanced form of implants in which an implant and the replacement tooth are both fitted at the same time, rather than extending the treatment procedure for three to six months. In a conventional implant, there is waiting between the first and second stages for osteointegration and healing.

The procedure in which the immediate implants are placed is known as immediate loading, and it means that you will have your new tooth right away. If you have a broken tooth, or a loose tooth, this option would be the best for teeth replacement. The expert dentists understand your concerns; that’s why we are providing immediate implants which are quick, durable, and affordable.

Immediate Implant

The dentists will do a thorough assessment for the placement of immediate implants. Initially, the affected tooth will be extracted, and an immediate implant will be placed immediately. Immediate loading is also known as Immediate Function, which includes fitting restoration within two days of implant placement.

Who is a good candidate for immediate implants?

There are a few criteria that can help the dentist to assess whether you are a good candidate for immediate implants or not.  First and foremost, the assessment of your jawbone density, you must have an ample amount of jawbone density and no other influencing risk factors, such as an infection or any other poor condition; if you have a good jawbone, it means you are a good candidate.

In some cases, if the dentist finds out that you have a low jawbone density, the team of experts will discuss with you and suggest adding bone to the site.  Suppose you have no clear understanding of immediate implants and think that you are not a good candidate for this. In that case, it’s best to have a consultation with one of our expert clinicians, who will do an intraoral examination and assess your customized case.

Factors to Consider Before placing Immediate Implant

Every procedure in dentistry has some factors that both dentists and patients should understand before getting any treatment done. The success and failure of a procedure also depend upon these factors, which ultimately influence the result of the treatment. Though, these are relevant not just to immediate implant but any implant procedure. Factors to consider include:

Benefits of immediate implants for Both Dentists and Patients

Immediate implants are beneficial for both dentists and patients. From immediately putting an implant after the tooth is extracted to many others such as:

  • Less Treatment Time

: a conventional dental implant is time-consuming; it takes a few months for a traditional implant to settle, but in the case of an immediate implant, you don’t have to worry about time. On the day of your extraction, the restoration will be placed in the jawbone that significantly decreases the time needed for treatment.

  • Good prognosis

whenever a denture is done, our main concern is always the outcome, so when you get an immediate implant, expected results are highly desirable. The short-timed procedure decreases the risk of further surgical interference because of problems that could arise between dental visits, such as resorbed jawbone or ridges.

  • Easy Surgical Workflow

as the procedure is easy and can be carried out in a one-stage technique, it allows the patient to have a simplified surgical experience, with all necessary preparation done before the insertion of the immediate implant.

  • High-level Satisfaction

when patients undergo only a one-stage procedure, they become highly satisfied because of the achievement of the desired esthetic outcome. This helps the patient to have an improved post-operative experience due to fewer surgeries.

  • Suitable for the Dental Practice

the immediate implants are good for the patients and the dentists because of immediate implant placement and immediate loading.

  • Careful selection of the right patient for implant
  • The quality of jaw bone
  • Quantity of bone
  • Initial stability of the patient
  • Proper customized treatment planning for each patient ahead of time
  • It is crucial to place the implant accurately
  • Allowing for enough healing time after the treatment

Are immediate implants as effective as dental implants?

  • Immediate implants are one of the top advancements in dentistry, with several advantages over other dental implants. Such as, you don’t have to wait months without a tooth for a replacement Multiple tooth, and the fewer number of visits will save you time.
    The immediate implants are more effective;

    it ensures that you are confident about your immediate implants because they will look and function just like your own teeth.

Who does the immediate implant procedure?

Whenever you visit the dentist with any concern, the initial consultation and any postoperative care and maintenance will take place with a general dentist. After talking and taking a health history, you will be referred to the specialist when you are considered a perfect candidate for an immediate implant.

The specialist will be responsible for taking care of all surgical components of your dental implant treatment. During the procedure for an immediate dental implant, various specialists will be working together to ensure you get the best possible care and results.

A Periodontist

will be a specialist in gums, and dental bone support will treat the surrounding gums. The oral & maxillofacial surgeons will perform the surgery that includes extraction also. Prosthodontists are specialists in working with fixed crowns and bridges to take care of the bridge or crown.

How long do the immediate implants last?

The implants may encounter some wear over time, but this differs from patient to patient. Generally speaking, you can expect the immediate implants to last for 10 to 15 years, particularly if you maintain ongoing dental care through good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments.

What should I expect before and after immediate implant placement?

The treatment for immediate implants is simple; the immediate implants are inserted following extraction of a single tooth or several teeth which may be damaged. This process is performed in the dental chair or a hospital, and the difference between these two circumstances will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

After the treatment, you may experience local swelling and feel some uneasiness for a few days. Don’t worry about the node; it is a normal part of the recovery process, and pain medication can be prescribed if required.

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